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In your opinion, what are top 3 (best and worst) wiseguy nicknames? Thanks! Joe from Cleveland

Q&A and go

Jeff, assume your father (who is in the life) gets killed by his Family (reason is irrelevant) when you were a teen. Later in life, could ever look past that event and pledge allegiance to that Family and boss? If so, how do you look past that event and not seek revenge? Seems like this circumstance has occurred more than once and it boggles my mind. Keep up the fight and great work! Joe from Cleveland.


Jeff, you are producing a movie about the life and need to fill the main cast. You have free reign on the location (NYC etc) and time period. Who are your 5 main actors to cast (can pick from any generation) and how would you cast them. Bonus for picking a female actress for the story line.

Great Rat Scene - Invisible Man (1933)

Jeff, Monthly subscriber here and I love your show. I also enjoy Universal studios Monsters. Even the Invisible Man of 1933 hated rats and had the most perfect idea to extinguish one! Watch Invisible Man (1933) Killing Kemp scene on Utube to watch if you ever have a chance. Thank you and keep it rolling! Gary

Loving the show Jeff!

Hi Jeff, my names Randy. My question is, will you ever or have you ever considered doing a show about Youngstown, Ohio? I know there was a significant presence in the area for quite some time with the steel and iron unions and so on. Just an idea for a show that maybe a lot of people never heard of. Love your show Jeff, keep doing your thing!!!