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2 quick questions on your recent waterfront segment and a v. quick question on Ray Patriarcha

Sorry Jeff. Ignore the last entry. Can I just say that I'm from Enqland and I really appreciate the podcast. I don't do social media or visit the mob forums. I'm a 45 year old guy and I don't do that crap!. I'm just wondering if you will mention the gang boss Eddie Mcgrath who controlled part of the NY waterfront what with your Irish roots and all. I heard he held his own against the mob and was respected by a lot of Italian guys. Also when Ray Patriarcha got out the can for his longest stretch did he order a massive robbery on a safety deposit depot knowing that a few of his guys may have had some swag inside. I find it hard to believe that he would give the OK for that. I only ask because you would know more considering your background. Sorry for going on, I don't normally ask questions on your platform. Just please keep on doing what you're doing and please keep bashing the rats and haters. Thanks, Daniel.

Fishing wharf, I thought you there was a show tonight

When,s there show on the warf tonight?

Shtockers, Bensonhurst, the Ravenite, Bolita, and the mob from the 1920s-early 1990s

Dear Jeff, I have a lot of very interesting primary source material regarding O.C. over a 70-year period that i would love to share with you. I do not want to put anything on a public forum, and instead would love to have a private phone conference discussing this information. How do I go about this? I really think you would enjoy a lot of this info.


What if Neil kills Paul instead of John Does the Commission have the balls to come after him love the Show Jeff plz Never FUCKING STOP

Body Count

In your opinion, which family in the modern era has the highest cumulative body count since 1970? Would you dare to guess the cumulative count of the the top family?