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Jeff, really enjoying the new platform and deep dives into the various crime families! Put yourself in the shoes of Paulie Gulino right after he publicly shoved Antony Spero. You're a street guy, so you know the moment after you did that you are a dead man. What's your next move? Do you try to take him out proactively? Do you run away and hide? Do you call the FBI and join Witsec(haha) or just let them take you out?

Loving the show Jeff!

Hi Jeff, my names Randy. My question is, will you ever or have you ever considered doing a show about Youngstown, Ohio? I know there was a significant presence in the area for quite some time with the steel and iron unions and so on. Just an idea for a show that maybe a lot of people never heard of. Love your show Jeff, keep doing your thing!!!

Great Rat Scene - Invisible Man (1933)

Jeff, Monthly subscriber here and I love your show. I also enjoy Universal studios Monsters. Even the Invisible Man of 1933 hated rats and had the most perfect idea to extinguish one! Watch Invisible Man (1933) Killing Kemp scene on Utube to watch if you ever have a chance. Thank you and keep it rolling! Gary