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Price increase

No response necessary We love MTR in Yokohama Japan 10 bucks or more is fine...we love your great insight & Colombo & Genovese Looking forward to the YT live & AMA

Famous Mob Places = Outstanding Idea

We love your Podcast in Yokohama Japan Leaving You tube was wise Both streams were excellent Dont expose active will keep us all safe I cant wait for Lucassie Family Dont feel too much pressure for Shows I am retired army vet living in Yokohama Japan...10 min from Stadium Main Point - Famous places is a monster great idea Peace from Yokohama


I paid my subscription but it’s saying I didn’t

Cancelling subscription

I am seriously considering cancelling my subscription. There are many minor reasons to do so but the major ones are that the promised things such as jfk,Detroit mafia and many more are promised and never seemed to come to fruition. Also you say you are done with the rants and anger,and in the same breath start a new one. I guess maybe it’s in your dna. Maybe it’s me who has just growing tired of things the way they are. You also have many outstanding things you do such as your relentless searching for the “facts”. I will give it a few more weeks to see if things change as I believe everyone deserves chances. Lastly I can appreciate how difficult it is to maintain your schedule. But it doesn’t,to seem to stop you from adding a new podcast to your stable with you buddy. Maybe I am being picky,maybe not. Just wanted to see if I hit any sore points others have. Thank you for providing me the forum to do so. Rob from Vancouver.

Remove one

Gotti or Massino? Who did more long-term damage to their crime families and to La cosa Nostra overall? The rat vs high profile. My view is Gotti…